We have gone through so much!

Thank you for your support and we commit to provide
high quality standards of durians to lead the brand to greater height.

Durian Maison was founded in 2018 by Chui Ting, a durian enthusiast born and raised in Raub.

Chui Ting embarked on the durian lover’s quest to bridge the gaps between the shortcomings of durian market, especially the high prices and inconsistent qualities.

She combined her unconditional love for authentic Musang King durian with her passion for providing eco-friendly solutions to spread the durian fever high and low!

Chui Ting promotes environmental awareness by choosing greener, biodegradable bamboo packaging to leave a better earth for those to come. Durians are no longer a guilty pleasure!

Durian Maison is more than just a durian delivery business. It’s an opportunity to bring together families after a long day at work and share the sweetness of a fresh, juicy durian over warm, meaningful conversations.

Not only do we provide same-day delivery for high-quality durians straight from the orchards in Raub, but we also have the best durian desserts prepared by a team of dedicated culinary experts.

Durian Maison Takes Pride In:

01. Quality is a full-time job and we take no days off!

Here at Durian Maison, we never compromise on quality, freshness, and consistency. Before your durian makes its way to your front door, it undergoes several strict quality control measures to ensure that you get delivered nothing but the very best. Authentic Musang King durian is harvested, processed. and packaged the very same day to maintain freshness and consistency so that you can enjoy love at every bite!

02. Always More, Never Less!

Rest assured that you receive more durian to enjoy from our marketed weight. All weights are weighed using electronic weight scales approved by the National Metrology Institute of Malaysia (NMIM) and are regularly calibrated and annually renewed.

03. Hygiene, All Day, Every Day!

Durian Maison is what is it because of its loyal customers. This is why our top priority has always been your satisfaction. We take hygiene very seriously and are one of the few durian deliverers who are GMP certified. Our staff is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment kits (PPE), including gloves, masks, hairnets, and full-body suits to ensure your durian reaches you the way it was intended. Fresh as ever.

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