Black Gold Luxury Box (300g)


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This rare ultimate Black Gold Musang King is wonderfully bitter and has a super rich flavor and heavy aroma! The durian skin is just like the bruises on the skin, looking as special as it can be. You will get only less than 10kg of Black Gold from 100kg of Musang King! It is so addictive that you keep coming back for more!

Pack with eco-friendly, compostable bamboo container. This box weighs roughly 300g.

⚠️ Due to it is rare and difficult to source, this product will not follow your chosen delivery date and it will be delivered only when it is available.

Product FAQs

Out of stock

Non-frozen pack from Raub

Weight: 300g
Variety: D197, Black Gold Musang King
Place of Origin: Raub, Pahang
Freshness: 100% freshly-picked on SAME day (no overnight & non-frozen)
Storage method: Keep chilled
Best consume within same day.

Weight 0.3 kg

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